The UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR)

Institute of Agroforestry

As a land use management system, agroforestry has gained worldwide recognition through the years.Many have learned about its multi functionality from practitioners who have long been combining the production of trees with food crops, animals and other resources in their farms. Its potentials of ensuring food security, improving socio-economic productivity, and maintaining ecological stability have been recognized. More importantly, the capabilities of agroforestry as a strategy for climate change mitigation and adaptation have been realized.

The Institute of Agroforestry (IAF) envisions to form progressive and productive communities where farming is harmonized with environmental conservation principles for sustained production food, wood and provision of services through the use of sound agroforestry practices.


Located within the Makiling Forest Reserve of Forestry and Natural Resources of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, the Learning Laboratory for Agroforestry (LLA) showcases various agroforestry and other supportive technologies.

Maintained and developed by the Institute of Agroforestry (IAF) since 1991, LLA caters to more than a thousand national and international visitors each year. They are mostly students, farmers, researchers and technical field personnel coming from NGOs, GOs, POs, local government units, academic and research institutions, and other concerned agencies. Students, researchers, and other practitioners also utilize the area for training, practicum work and research purposes.

This 8.1 hectare farm showcases different agroforestry different agroforestry-related production and protection technologies.

Rowena Esperanza D. Cabahug, MSc

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