The UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR)

Undergraduate Programs


The UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources offers a sub-professional course, a course in the baccalaureate level, three master’s degree programs and a doctor of philosophy program.

  1. Associate of Science in Forestry (AScF) – A two-year ladderized non-degree course focused on basic social and technical skills required to assist professional foresters. It is also a precursor to the BS Forestry program for students who wish to pursue higher learning.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BSF)  – A four-year program composed of a curriculum aligned with the principles of Outcomes-Based Education and the K to 12 Basic Education Program, particularly with its content and performance standards and learning competencies. The BSF curriculum was recalibrated to make it more responsive to evolving challenges and paradigms in the forestry sector and its implications to the environment and society. The general curriculum has specialized courses in three forestry fields: 1) Environmental Forestry, 2) Production and Industrial Forestry, and 3) Social Forestry and Agroforestry
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