The UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR)

Student Activities

UPLB Forestry Society


This is the organization’s way of welcoming the new freshman of the College. The IBQC is a general information quiz contest that is participated by freshman blocs within the College of Forestry and Natural Resources. The activity aims to establish camaraderie among the freshman students while fostering scholastic integrity. This activity started in July 1994 and the organization continues to conduct this activity every year, however in the academic year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, this activity was opened for all year-level due to the implementation of K-12 program.


This activity is held annually to commemorate the Linggo ng Wika celebration in cooperation with the UPLB SENTRO NG WIKANG FILIPINO. 

The competition is composed of four categories – 

  • SULATIMPALAK (an essay writing contest), 
  • TALUMPATIMPALAK (an extemporaneous speech contest), 
  • GUHITIMPALAK (a poster making contest), and 
  • SAYAWITIMPALAK (a song and dance contest). 

This activity aims to promote both the Filipino language and values through themes which encompass environmental awareness and conservation. This activity originated on August 30, 1984. The organization modified the event from August to March because of the academic-calendar shift implemented in 2014 and it was moved to the 3rd week of March in line with the celebration of International Day of the Forest.


This activity marks the week-long celebration of the organization’s founding anniversary. The Sylvan Week is composed of activities such as Open Tambayan, Thanksgiving Mass, Film Screening/Symposium of environmentally inclined films and/or documentaries, Tree Planting/Giving, Coffree&Libread, Exhibit and is capped off by the Alumni Homecoming. There are times when the activities cannot be possibly executed during the Sylvan Week, thus, the Sylvan Week is extended into a Sylvan Season to accommodate other activities. This event has been held every November 16-23 since 1996.


This activity is done to introduce the Organization to the students and to invite prospective members. It also aims to establish camaraderie among the students of the College. The event can also serve as a venue for the people outside the organization to raise their questions regarding how to become and what it is like to become a Sylvan.


One of the activities on its founding anniversary, the Organization decided to adopt the rehabilitation of the Molawin Creek, an estuary which flows from the summit of Mt. Makiling into the Laguna de Bay. The Molawin Creek is deemed to be an important body of water for the multitude of Filipinos living in the upland Mt. Makiling and for the people in the vicinity of Los Baños who use it as irrigation for farms. The society committed to improve the current state of the creek by planting trees on the riverbanks to improve the quality of the soil and to eradicate soil erosion. This activity originated on its 20th anniversary in 2002.


To enhance leadership and sportsmanship, the society would encompass activity such as team building. This activity also strengthens the intimacy among members and to be physically ready for the upcoming Gubatbakan which is organized by the CFNR Student Council.


As a part of the society’s commitment to provide students’ academic assistance in different courses/subjects (e.g. FBS1/ BOT 1, FBS 9/ ZOO 1, MATH 11, FRM 62, FBS 21 et. al.), this activity is initiated. This aims to help students inside and outside the Organization academically. Usually, this event is hosted for the upcoming examination period. The Society helps the students to be prepared before taking their exams. This is spearheaded by the organization with the help of different professors and residents.

Grow a Tree Activity

This activity is to give back to the environment by planting native trees to selected sites together with the cooperation of LGUs and the youth. Mostly initiated at the first month of the semester, the tree planted in this activity is then visited by the Executive committee after some time to monitor the growth and condition of the site. The last tree planting activities held was in partnership with the Sangguniang Kabataan ng Siniloan in Siniloan and UP Land grant.

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