The UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR)

CFNR improves online presence with CIMRC

As stipulated in the OC Memorandum No. 042 series of 2021, all college units are required to constitute a committee on information, media relations, and communication (CIMRC). This is consistent with the efforts of the University to consolidate initiatives in information dissemination, media relations, and communication. The committee is tasked to produce media materials on the unit’s activities, programs, projects, and events to be posted on official social media platforms. CIMRC is responsible for providing information and other relevant materials regarding important events and activities that may merit publication in the University’s media platforms. According to the University’s branding and communication plan, members will also assist in disseminating the university news and updates and developing, maintaining, and updating the unit’s information database and online communication platforms such as website and social media accounts. The committee will coordinate with UPLB’s Office of Public Relations (OPR) and Information Technology Center (ITC) to maintain online communication platforms. In addition, they will coordinate with OPR media relations activities such as interviews with experts, shoots, TV, radio, and online guesting. Coordination will also be made for official visits of high-ranking officials (VIPs) from government and private institutions for guidance in protocol management. CIMRC is also tasked to oversee the observance of protocols related to the conduct of events, especially those that require the attendance of University and government officials, external partners, and other important visitors.

The CFNR CIMRC is chaired by Dr. Felisa L. Malabayabas and co-chaired by Assistant Prof. Vanessa M. Palma-Torres. The committee is composed of various faculty and staff from all CFNR academic and non-academic units, and to facilitate the tasks assigned, five sub-committees were organized: 1) Video Streaming Platform, 2) Website Development and Maintenance, 3) Social Networks Sites, 4) Media Related Functions and Protocols, and 5) Print. The CFNR CIMRC envisions improving virtual presence to become more relevant and visible, especially in this pandemic period. The list of members is as follows: 

Video Streaming Platform Sub-committee

  • Dr. Ma. Larissa Lelu P. Gata, DSFFG
  • For. Angela Limpiada, MCME
  • Asst. Prof. Maria Ellenita G. De Castro, DFBS 
  • For. Leonardo D. Barua, MCME
  • Asst. Prof. Arthur Glenn A. Umali, DFBS
  • Ms. Sarah Jane B. Pomay, CFNR Library
  • Ms. Thirdy Priscila Delos Reyes, Student Representative

Website Development and Maintenance Sub-committee

  • Asst. Prof. Vanessa M. Palma-Torres, IRNR 
  • Ms. Michiko Karisa M. Buot, FDC 
  • Asst. Prof. Nico R. Almarines, IRNR
  • Mr. Louie Amongo, OCREL
  • Mr. Arnold Karl A. Castillo, IAF

Social Networks Sites Sub-committee

  • Ms. Jamie Lynne S. Lara, CFNR Library
  • Ms. Regina A. Mendoza-Armiendo, TREES
  • For. Anna Marie S. Cabatbat, DFPPS 
  • Asst. Prof. Jan Joseph V. Dida, IRNR

Media Related Functions and Protocols Sub-committee

  • Dr. Felisa L. Malabayabas, DSFFG 
  • Ms. Ann Jilian U. Ortega-Panisales, TREES 
  • For. Myranel S. Canceran, MCME
  • Dr. Tomas D. Reyes, Jr., OCREL

Print Sub-committee

  • Dr. Leila D. Landicho, IAF
  • Ms. Aileen S. Peria, OCREL
  • Asst. Prof. Maricel T. Villamayor, DSFFG
  • Ms. Janine P. Cruz, CFNR Library
  • Asst. Prof. Alfie M. Torres, DFPPS
  • Mr. Lemuel V. Buquid, TREES 
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